GTIN ER-JIS (TAPPING) : Tapping collets of JIS type taps with tension & compression floating mechanism for ER 32 collet chucks
IT_SURFACE HARDNESS 58~60HRC                        IT_N5                                              
  DesignationSSd2Tap minTap maxSTkgGICATGIREMgiic
  GTIN ER32 JIS 3.00X2.50 ER323.00M1M2.62.5020.00.2104651065 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 4.00X3.20 ER324.00M3M3.53.2020.00.2234651066 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 5.00X4.00 ER325.00M4M44.0020.00.2254651067 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 6.00X4.50 ER326.00M6M64.5020.00.2204651069 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 6.20X5.00 ER326.20M8M85.0020.00.2204651070 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 7.00X5.50 ER327.00M10M105.5020.00.2204651071 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 8.50X6.50 ER328.50M12M126.5020.00.2174651072 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 10.50X8.00 ER3210.50M14M148.0020.00.2154651073 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 12.50X10.00 ER3212.50M16M1610.0020.00.2034651074 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 5.50X4.50 ER32-004.50--4651068 0