MTECZ-W : Solid carbide threading endmills with coolant holes located in the flutes, used for internal or external Whitworth thread profile.
  MTECZ 06046C12 20W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 06053C14 18W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 08068C16 16W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 08078D20 14W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 10086D24 12W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 10092D24 16W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 12109D28 11W 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 1616D38 11W 11.0G116.0016.00438.10101.005606145 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 1616E26 14W 14.0G1/2-7/816.0016.00526.30101.005606144 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 1010D16 19W 19.0G1/4-3/810.0010.00416.7073.005606143 1TT9030 
  MTECZ 08078C14 28W 28.0G1/814.007.80314.1064.005606142 1TT9030