TQ90SNS-R-12 : Ring type quick change cutters with adjustable pockets and precision ground wiper SN 12 inserts for cast iron finishing
  TQ90SNS 20250R-12 243.3520133.3538.0250.00253.00177.801.007.50QA 10 K/M SNEX 1204-W 6162384 0
  TQ90SNS 30250R-12 243.3530133.3538.0250.00253.00177.801.007.50QA 10 K/M SNEX 1204-W 3105446 0
  TQ90SNS 36315R-12 308.3536146.0538.0315.00317.00215.901.0014.00QA 12 K/M SNEX 1204-W 6162277 0
  TQ90SNS 32400R-12 393.3532254.0038.0400.00402.00304.801.0016.00QA 16 K/M SNEX 1204-W 3106217 0

Recommend to do very stable machining condition at cast iron for better finishing