Turning      Family : TXJNR/L-TB (RHINO-X)    T-holders for high pressure coolant with 93° approach angle & 70° XNMG inserts for external turning and profiling       Designation : TXJNL 2525 M1105-TB
Right-hand shown
Coolant pressure: recommended 70 bar, max. up to 140 bar

Catalog NoPrimary View File(2D)Model (3D) DetailModel (3D) LightSTPL
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  Spare Parts
6177486TSX 3.53Shim
 TSX 3.53 Shim <br> 1  
4350833SO 50090IScrew
 SO 50090I Screw <br> 1 <a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=D&sFolder=Dxf&cat=4350833&itemDesc=TXJNL 2525 M1105-TB"><img src="media/images/dxf.png" border="0"></a>
6167967DLM 3.5-NX-TBClamp
 DLM 3.5-NX-TB Clamp <br> 1  
6168586BH M5X0.8X21-MO-TBMounting bolt screw
 BH M5X0.8X21-MO-TB Mounting bolt screw <br> 1  
4350862T 20Torx flag wrench
 T 20 Torx flag wrench <br> 1  
4350219L-W 3L-wrench
 L-W 3 L-wrench <br> 1  
4351489DSP 4Clamp Spring
 DSP 4 Clamp Spring <br> 1  
6147948O-RING ID5.28X1.78O-ring
 O-RING ID5.28X1.78 O-ring <br> 2  
6147954O-RING ID7.59X2.62O-ring
 O-RING ID7.59X2.62 O-ring <br> 2