MTECQ-ISO : Solid carbide threading endmills with internal coolant holes and a reduced diameter neck. Used for deep internal large pitch ISO thread profile (up to 3D) on medium and large thread diameters.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  MTECQ1212D381.0ISO N/A1.000=>M14 12.00012.00R 421.0038.084.00with 5606828 1AH725 
  MTECQ1010D301.5ISO N/A1.500=>M13 10.00010.00R 418.0030.073.00with 5606830 1AH725 
  MTECQ2020F562.0ISO N/A2.000=>M24 20.00020.00R 634.0056.0105.00with 5606836 1AH725 
  MTECQ2020D453.5ISO Available3.500=>M26 20.00020.00R 428.0045.5105.00with 5606839 1AH725 

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