MTECD-ISO : Small diameter short left-hand cut (CNC code M04) solid carbide internal ISO profile drilling threading and chamfering endmills. High cutting speeds, low cutting forces due to the short contact resulting in accurate and parallel thread.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  MTECD06032C110.7ISO Available0.700M4 6.0003.15L 311.658.000.200.7without 5667202 1AH725 
  MTECD0604C140.8ISO Available0.800M5 6.0004.00L 314.458.000.300.8without 5667203 1AH725 
  MTECD08047C141.0ISO Available1.000M6-M9 8.0004.70L 314.064.000.401.0with 5667197 1AH725 
  MTECD08061D181.25ISO Available1.250M8-M12 8.0006.10L 418.064.000.501.3with 5667198 1AH725 
  MTECD08078D231.5ISO Available1.500M10-M15 8.0007.80L 423.064.000.601.5with 5667199 1AH725 
  MTECD1009D261.75ISO Available1.750M12 10.0009.00L 426.073.000.601.8with 5667200 1AH725 
  MTECD12118D352.0ISO Available2.000M16-M23 12.00011.80L 435.084.000.602.0with 5667201 1AH725 

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