MTECS-MJ : Small diameter short solid carbide MJ-type profile threading endmills with coolant holes directed to the cutting edges. Used for internal J-type thread length of up to 2.5xD in the aerospace industry and for other applications.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  MTECS06032C100.7MJ Available0.7004 6.0003.20R 310.0058.00without 5606408 1AH725 
  MTECS06039C120.8MJ Available0.8005 6.0003.90R 312.5058.00without 5606409 1AH725 
  MTECS06048C151.0MJ Available1.0006 6.0004.80R 315.0058.00without 5606410 1AH725 
  MTECS08061C201.25MJ Available1.2508 8.0006.10R 320.0064.00with 5606411 1AH725 
  MTECS0808C251.5MJ Available1.50010 8.0008.00R 325.0064.00with 5606412 1AH725 
  MTECS10092C301.75MJ Available1.75012 10.0009.20R 330.0073.00with 5606413 1AH725 
  MTECS1010C352.0MJ Available2.00014, 16 10.00010.00R 335.0073.00with 5606414 1AH725 

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