MTECS-UNJ : Small diameter short solid carbide UNJ-type profile threading endmills with coolant holes directed to the cutting edges. Used for internal J-type thread length of up to 2.5xD in the aerospace industry and for other applications.
WITH COOLANT HOLE                                  
  MTECS06033C1032UNJ N/A32.08 10 6.0003.30R 310.5058.00without 5606415 1AH725 
  MTECS08051C1628UNJ N/A28.0- 1/4 8.0005.10R 316.0064.00with 5606416 1AH725 
  MTECS08067C2024UNJ Available24.0- 5/16 - 3/8 8.0006.70R 320.0064.00with 5606417 1AH725 
  MTECS06049C1620UNJ N/A20.01/4 - 6.0004.90R 316.0058.00without 5606418 1AH725 
  MTECS0808C2820UNJ N/A20.0- 7/16 8.0008.00R 328.0064.00with 5606419 1AH725 
  MTECS08061C2018UNJ N/A18.05/16 9/16 8.0006.15R 320.0064.00with 5606420 1AH725 
  MTECS08069C2416UNJ N/A16.03/8 - 8.0006.90R 324.0064.00with 5606421 1AH725 
  MTECS10094C2713UNJ N/A13.01/2 - 10.0009.40R 327.5073.00with 5606423 1AH725 

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