VMT***IS : Carbide milling heads with a threaded connection for internal ISO metric thread.
  DesignationStockPitch mmCoarseFineDczMax. apLSGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  VMT100L06IS07-4S05 N/A0.75- =>M12 10.0046.0012.8S05 6753150 1AH725 
  VMT100L06IS10-4S05 Available1.00- =>M12 10.0046.0012.8S05 6753313 1AH725 
  VMT100L06IS15-4S05 Available1.50- =>M14 10.0046.0012.8S05 6753314 1AH725 
  VMT120L09IS15-4S06 N/A1.50- =>M16 12.0049.0014.3S06 6754590 1AH725 
  VMT120L10IS20-4S06 Available2.00M16 =>M17 12.00410.0014.3S06 6754591 1AH725 
  VMT160L12IS15-6S08 Available1.50- =>M20 16.00612.0019.0S08 6754592 1AH725 
  VMT160L12IS20-5S08 Available2.00- =>M19 16.00512.0019.0S08 6754593 1AH725 
  VMT150L13IS25-5S08 Available2.50M20 =>M22 15.40512.5019.0S08 6754594 1AH725 
  VMT160L12IS30-3S08 Available3.00M24 =>M25 16.00312.0019.0S08 6754595 1AH725 

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