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TCD-12XD (CYLINDRICAL SHANK) : DRILLRUSH Head changeable drills with cylindrical shank (12xD) and coolant holes
Drilling depth:12xdiameter
Drilling depth:12xdiameter
Related tool for : BT30 THC 12-85
  DesignationTool sty DCN DCX DCONMS LPR LS LU OAL PL SSC L1 Machines Zeff Min Tol Max Tol Style 1 ClssID MIID CICT DC L/D LTA GICATGIREMgiicGICODE
  TCD 080-084-12S0-12D HEAD TYPE ~8.008.4012.00111.4045.097.0156.401.208.00 96.0~Y ~ ~2~0~0~C ~71E01A0608FE4 ~TCD-080-P 1~8.00~12.00~110.20~6193692 0 
  TCD 085-089-12S0-12D HEAD TYPE ~8.508.9012.00117.4045.0103.0162.401.298.00 102.0~Y ~ ~2~0~0~C ~71E01A0608FE4 ~TCD-085-P 1~8.50~12.00~116.11~6193693 0 
  TCD 090-094-12S0-12D HEAD TYPE ~9.009.4012.00123.8045.0109.0168.801.359.00 108.0~Y ~ ~2~0~0~C ~71E01A0608FE4 ~TCD-090-P 1~9.00~12.00~122.45~6193694 0 
  TCD 095-099-12S0-12D HEAD TYPE ~9.509.9012.00129.8045.0115.0174.801.449.00 114.0~Y ~ ~2~0~0~C ~71E01A0608FE4 ~TCD-095-P 1~9.50~12.00~128.36~6193695 0 

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