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Parting & Grooving
Main Application
Sub Application
TSJ (Single-ended) : Single-ended inserts with J-Type chip breaker for Parting & Grooving of soft materials, tubes, small diameters & thin-walled parts in low-to-medium feed & low cutting forces & smaller burrs
Related insert for : TTER 2020-3-TB
  DesignationSSC CW RE BW INSL h S1 SC R fg
CB1 W W+-toler ClssID CEDC GRDMFG COATP CBMD GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  TSJ 3 3 ~0.050~0.040.16M6E ~3.00~0.05~71DDA089C8D1E ~1~K10 ~PVD ~J ~6001114 4TT8020 TT7220 TT9080 K10 
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