4W-TF90-R-12 : Face mills with periphery ground precisie wiper inserts for super finishing of various materials such as steels, cast iron & aluminum alloys
  4W-TF90-550-22R-12 50.0038.90522.0045.0040.000.50O A 0.40SH M10x30 4WHU 1207-ML 6318978 0
  4W-TF90-663-22R-12 63.0050.90622.0047.0040.000.50O A 0.50SH M10x30 4WHU 1207-ML 6319615 0
  4W-TF90-880-27R-12 80.0066.90827.0058.0050.000.50O A 1.10SH M12x35 4WHU 1207-ML 6319616 0
  4W-TF90-8100-32R-12 100.0086.90832.0066.0050.000.50O A 1.60SH M16x35 4WHU 1207-ML 6314706 0
  4W-TF90-10125-40R-12 125.00110.901040.0085.0063.000.50O A 3.10SH M20x40 4WHU 1207-ML 6312363 0
  4W-TF90-10160-40R-12 160.00145.901040.00110.0063.000.50X C 4.10- 4WHU 1207-ML 6319617 0

DCN: Cutting diameter minimum
DCX: Cutting diameter maximum
Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)