CRH 4 : 4 Flute High Feed Ceramic end mills for high speed machining of superalloys
Use only air (Coolant is prohibited)
Tool life of ceramic tools is determined not by wear size but by acceptable level of burrs
EM FLUTES_4                                         EM HELIX ANGLE_10                                  
  CRH 4060 6.000.7050.000.5512.05.806.000.1000.1506308327 1TC3030 
  CRH 4080 8.000.9057.000.7516.07.708.000.1000.2006308328 1TC3030 
  CRH 4100 10.001.0063.000.8520.09.6010.000.1000.2006308329 1TC3030 
  CRH 4120 12.001.4070.001.1524.011.5012.000.1000.3006308330 1TC3030 
  CRH 4160 16.001.8083.001.5532.015.5016.000.1000.3006308331 1TC3030 

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