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4N TE90-04 : 90° End mills with unique four high positive helical cutting edges of double-sided 4NKT 04 inserts and high ramping capability
  DesignationTool sty DC CICT DCONMS OAL LH APMX Fig. S1 Shank Rd e PD Insert KAPR Pocket ClssID MIID GICATGIREMgiic
  4N TE90-108-08-04 ENDMILL ~8.0018.0080.0017.03.502O ~4.00~C ~3.70~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6311145 0
  4N TE90-210-10-04 ENDMILL ~10.00210.0080.0017.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.20~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175254 0
  4N TE90-211-10-04 ENDMILL ~11.00210.0080.0017.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.80~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175255 0
  4N TE90-212-12-04 ENDMILL ~12.00212.0080.0018.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.50~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187378 0
  4N TE90-312-12-04 ENDMILL ~12.00312.0080.0018.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.50~ ~RC ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175256 0
  4N TE90-313-12-04 ENDMILL ~13.00312.0090.0020.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.70~ ~RC ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175257 0
  4N TE90-316-16-04 ENDMILL ~16.00316.0090.0020.03.502O ~4.00~C ~4.10~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187379 0
  4N TE90-416-W16-04 ENDMILL ~16.00416.0090.0020.03.501O ~4.00~W ~4.10~ ~RC ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175249 0
  4N TE90-420-20-04-L ENDMILL ~20.00420.00160.0025.03.502O ~4.00~C ~3.10~ ~ C ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187380 0
  4N TE90-520-W20-04 ENDMILL ~20.00520.00105.0025.03.501O ~4.00~W ~3.10~ ~RC ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6175250 0
  4N TE90-725-W25-04 ENDMILL ~25.00725.00120.0030.03.501O ~4.00~W ~2.30~ ~RF ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187381 0
  4N TE90-832-W25-04 ENDMILL ~32.00825.00130.0035.03.501O ~4.00~W ~1.70~ ~RF ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187382 0
  4N TE90-1040-W32-04 ENDMILL ~40.001032.00140.0040.03.501O ~4.00~W ~1.30~ ~ F ~0.00~C4M-4N04 ~90.0~4N04-HF ~71E01A05D27A8 ~4NKT 040204R-M 6187383 0
Cutter body for '4NKT 040212R-HF' insert should be modified with body corner radius 1.2 mm

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