4N TE90-S-04 : 90° Modular end mills with MAXIRUSH adaptation & unique four high positive helical cutting edges of double-sided 4NKT 04 inserts and high ramping capability
  4N TE90-210-S06-04 10.0029.6015.0021.30S06 3.508.04NKT 040204R-M 6320571 0
  4N TE90-312-S08-04 12.00311.5016.0023.50S08 3.5010.04NKT 040204R-M 6320572 0
  4N TE90-416-S10-04 16.00415.2020.0031.30S10 3.5013.04NKT 040204R-M 6320573 0

Cutter body for '4NKT 040212R-HF' insert should be modified with body corner radius 1.2 mm
Matched with MAXIRUSH holder