4N TE90-M-11 : 90° Modular end mills with T-FLEXTEC adaptation & unique four high positive helical cutting edges of double-sided 4NKT 11 inserts & high ramping capability
  4N TE90-225-M12-11 25.00221.0035.0057.00M12 10.5017.04NKT 110608R-M 6187363 0
  4N TE90-332-M16-11 32.00329.0043.0068.00M16 10.5025.04NKT 110608R-M 6187364 0
  4N TE90-440-M16-11 40.00429.0043.0068.00M16 10.5025.04NKT 110608R-M 6187365 0

Cutter body for '4NKT 110640R-HF' insert should be modified with body corner radius 4.0 mm
Matched with T-FLEXTEC holder