4N TF90-R-14 : 90° Face mills with unique four high positive helical cutting edges of double-sided 4NKT 14 inserts and high ramping capability
  4N TF90-450-22R-14 50.00422.0045.0045.0013.80A 0.40SH M10x25 4NKT 140708R-M 6179470 0
  4N TF90-463-22R-14 63.00422.0047.0045.0013.80A 0.60SH M10x25 4NKT 140708R-M 6187351 0
  4N TF90-663-22R-14 63.00622.0047.0045.0013.80A 0.60SH M10x25 4NKT 140708R-M 6187352 0
  4N TF90-580-27R-14 80.00527.0058.0050.0013.80A 1.00SH M12x35 4NKT 140708R-M 6187353 0
  4N TF90-780-27R-14 80.00727.0058.0050.0013.80A 1.00SH M12x35 4NKT 140708R-M 6187354 0

Cutter body for 4NKT 140750R-HF insert should be modified with body corner radius 5.0 mm
Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)