TFMRY H-R-16/20 : Carbide shim type face mills with strong positive round inserts of RYM(H)X for general profiling & general machining
  TFMRY 463H-22R-16   63.0047.00422.0047.0050.008.00A O 0.48RYMX 1606-M 71E01A05B627B 3108703 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 580H-27R-16   80.0064.00527.0058.0050.008.00A O 0.77RYMX 1606-M 71E01A05B627B 3108704 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 6100H-32R-16   100.0084.00632.0066.0050.008.00A O 1.19RYMX 1606-M 71E01A05B627B 3110573 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 7125H-40R-16   125.00109.00740.0085.0063.008.00A O 2.57RYMX 1606-M 71E01A05B627B 3110574 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 8160H-40R-16   160.00144.00840.00110.0063.008.00C X 3.25RYMX 1606-M 71E01A05B627B 3110266 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 5100H-32R-20   100.0080.00532.0066.0050.0010.00A O 1.08RYMX 2007-M 71E01A05B627B 3110575 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 5125H-40R-20   125.00105.00540.0085.0063.0010.00A O 2.72RYMX 2007-M 71E01A05B627B 3108705 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 6160H-40R-20   160.00140.00640.00110.0063.0010.00C X 2.72RYMX 2007-M 71E01A05B627B 3110576 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 8200H-60R-20   200.00180.00860.00130.0063.0010.00C X 5.27RYMX 2007-M 71E01A05B627B 3110597 Carbide shim type. 0
  TFMRY 9250H-60R-20   250.00230.00960.00160.0063.0010.00C X 9.26RYMX 2007-M 71E01A05B627B 3112395 Carbide shim type. 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)