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TERP-12 : End mills with positive round RPGN 12 ceramic inserts & wedge clamp with air hole for high speed profiling of super alloys
Use only air (Coolant is prohibited)
Use only air (Coolant is prohibited)
  DesignationTool sty CICT DCX  DC DCONMS OAL LH APMX Air hole  S1 KAPR Shank Rd e PD Insert Pocket ClssID MIID  RE CCTMS CCFMS LTA GICATGIREMgiicGICODE
  TERP 332-32-12-L120 ENDMILL ~332.0019.3032.00120.0040.06.30O 12.00~3.0~C ~17.40~ ~RC ~0.66~CS-RP12 ~ ~71E01A05D27A8 ~RPGN 1204 FL-E04 Air hole ~6.35~ZYL ~01 ~60.00~6337333 0 
  TERP 440-32-12-L120 ENDMILL ~440.0027.3032.00120.0030.06.30O 12.00~3.0~C ~10.50~ ~C ~0.71~CS-RP12 ~ ~71E01A05D27A8 ~RPGN 1204 FL-E04 Air hole ~6.35~ZYL ~01 ~60.00~6337334 0 

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