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TGTB (CUT-SFEED) : Triangular Reinforced Blades for Parting and deep grooving with T-Clamp inserts
  DesignationS1 SSC D WB CUTDIA MIID ClssID HAND Tool typ GICATGIREMgiic
  TGTB D52-2 52.00~2 53.201.8052.0TCD 2 71D1066F279AD ~N ~BLADE ~N ~6214734 0
  TGTB D52-3 52.00~3 53.202.5052.0TCD 3 71D1066F279AD ~N ~BLADE ~N ~6214735 0
  TGTB D82-2 82.00~2 64.301.8082.0TCD 2 71D1066F279AD ~N ~BLADE ~N ~6214736 0
  TGTB D82-3 82.00~3 64.302.5082.0TCD 3 71D1066F279AD ~N ~BLADE ~N ~6214737 0

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