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ER-ODP-M : T-FLEXTEC Threaded adaptation with integral ER collet for ER collet chucks
 IT_RUN-OUT A0.003                                  IT_58~60HRC
  ER16 ODP M08X02 ER16 M08 12.0012.002.502.5020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247814 0 
  ER16 ODP M08X10 ER16 M08 12.0012.0010.5010.5020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247815 0 
  ER20 ODP M08X02 ER20 M08 13.0013.002.002.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247816 0 
  ER20 ODP M08X10 ER20 M08 13.0012.6010.0010.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247817 0 
  ER25 ODP M08X02 ER25 M08 13.0013.002.002.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247818 0 
  ER25 ODP M08X10 ER25 M08 13.0012.6010.0010.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247819 0 
  ER25 ODP M10X02 ER25 M10 18.0018.002.002.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247820 0 
  ER25 ODP M10X25 ER25 M10 18.0017.6023.0025.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247821 0 
  ER25 ODP M12X02 ER25 M12 20.6019.202.702.7020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247822 0 
  ER25 ODP M12X10 ER25 M12 20.0020.0010.0010.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247823 0 
  ER32 ODP M08X02 ER32 M08 13.0013.002.002.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247824 0 
  ER32 ODP M08X10 ER32 M08 13.0012.6010.0010.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247825 0 
  ER32 ODP M08X25 ER32 M08 13.1015.0022.0025.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651360 0 
  ER32 ODP M08X50 ER32 M08 13.1023.0049.0050.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651361 0 
  ER32 ODP M08X75 ER32 M08 13.1023.0074.0075.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651362 0 
  ER32 ODP M10X02 ER32 M10 18.0018.002.002.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247826 0 
  ER32 ODP M10X10 ER32 M10 18.0017.6010.0010.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247827 0 
  ER32 ODP M10X25 ER32 M10 18.0020.0023.0025.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651363 0 
  ER32 ODP M10X50 ER32 M10 18.0024.0049.0050.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651364 0 
  ER32 ODP M12X02 ER32 M12 2.002.0021.0021.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247828 0 
  ER32 ODP M12X10 ER32 M12 10.0010.0021.0020.6020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247829 0 
  ER32 ODP M12X25 ER32 M12 24.0025.0021.0024.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651365 0 
  ER32 ODP M12X50 ER32 M12 49.0050.0021.0024.0010.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~4651366 0 
  ER32 ODP M16X02 ER32 M16 2.502.5027.0027.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247830 0 
  ER32 ODP M16X10 ER32 M16 10.5010.5027.0027.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247831 0 
  ER32 ODP M16X25 ER32 M16 25.5025.5027.0027.0020.00~0.00~0.00~1EAD3871D313 ~0.00~6247832 0 

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