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Hole Making
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SHO 3-PH : Solid carbide drills for pilot holes with coolant holes
M.Q.L drilling is available
M.Q.L drilling is available
  DesignationTool sty DC DCONMS LCF OAL PL Zeff  L/D Machines Min Tol Max Tol Shank d ClssID CCFMS CCTMS LTA GICATGIREMgiicGICODEGrade
  SHO 30403-PH SOLID TYPE ~4.034.0024.566.500.502~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~4.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~38.00~4205791 1 TT9030 
  SHO 30503-PH SOLID TYPE ~5.035.0030.668.600.602~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~5.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~40.00~4205792 1 TT9030 
  SHO 30603-PH SOLID TYPE ~6.036.0030.768.700.702~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~6.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~40.00~4205793 1 TT9030 
  SHO 30703-PH SOLID TYPE ~7.037.0035.873.800.802~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~7.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~45.00~4205794 1 TT9030 
  SHO 30803-PH SOLID TYPE ~8.038.0041.979.900.902~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~8.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~52.00~4205795 1 TT9030 
  SHO 30903-PH SOLID TYPE ~9.039.0049.091.001.002~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~9.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~62.00~4205937 1 TT9030 
  SHO 31003-PH SOLID TYPE ~10.0310.0049.191.101.102~ Y ~3.00~ ~0~0~C ~10.00~71E01A0608FE4 ~01 ~ZYL ~62.00~4205939 1 TT9030 

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