3P TES-15 : Extended flute shell mills with 3PKT 15 inserts of positive 3 helical cutting edges
  DesignationDFluteZDaD3LapkgMtg. RefMIIDGICATGIREMgiic
  3P TES D50-40-22R-15 50.0031222.0045.0065.040.000.60SH M10X1.5X50 3PKT 150508R-M 6121664 0
  3P TES D50-40-22R-15-2F 50.002822.0045.0065.040.000.60SH M10X1.5X50 3PKT 150508R-M 6140605 0
  3P TES D63-50-27R-15 63.0042027.0058.0070.050.001.00SH M12X1.75X50 3PKT 150508R-M 6140606 0
  3P TES D80-60-32R-15 80.0042432.0077.0075.060.002.00SH M16X2.0X50 3PKT 150508R-M 6128607 0
  3P TES D100-78-40R-15-4F 100.0043240.0096.00110.078.005.00SH M20X2.5X80 3PKT 150508R-M 6172928 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)