2S-TFM90AP-R-19 : 90° Face mills with strong APKT 19 inserts for roughing of heavy industry parts of wind mills and power generations
  2S-TFM90AP 350-22R-19 50.00322.0045.0045.017.90O A 0.30APKT 190712R-MR 6154075 0
  2S-TFM90AP 463-22R-19 63.00422.0047.0040.017.90O A 0.70APKT 190712R-MR 6161714 0
  2S-TFM90AP 463-27R-19 63.00427.0058.0050.017.90O A 0.70APKT 190712R-MR 3112031 0
  2S-TFM90AP 680-27R-19 80.00627.0058.0050.017.90O A 1.10APKT 190712R-MR 6107017 0
  2S-TFM90AP 7100-32R-19 100.00732.0085.0050.017.90O A 1.90APKT 190712R-MR 6107019 0
  2S-TFM90AP 6125-40R-19 125.00640.0085.0063.017.90O A 3.00APKT 190712R-MR 3111852 0
  2S-TFM90AP 8125-40R-19 125.00840.0085.0063.017.90O A 3.00APKT 190712R-MR 6102296 0
  2S-TFM90AP 10160-40R-19 160.001040.00110.0063.017.90X C 4.20APKT 190712R-MR 6107020 0
  2S-TFM90AP 12200-60R-19 200.001260.00130.0063.017.90X C 6.00APKT 190712R-MR 6107021 0

Mounting bolt with coolant through hole is available on request (ordering example: SH M10x1.5x30-C)