TSE 2...M-UNCOATED : Solid carbide end mills with flat type & medium & 2 flute for general purpose of pre-hardened steels, tool steels, alloy steels and carbon steels
  TSE 2010M 1.0042. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2010M-4 1.0040. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2015M 1.5042. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2015M-4 1.5040. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2020M 2.0042. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2020M-4 2.0040. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2025M 2.5042. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2025M-4 2.5040. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2035M 3.5047. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2050M-5 5.0050. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2065M 6.5060. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2070M 7.0060. 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2085M 8.5072.022.0010.000.0300.1004152552 1UF10 TT5515 TT5525 
  TSE 2090M 9.0068.025.0010.000.0300.1004108109 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2110M 11.0076.030.0012.000.0300.1324108112 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2130M 13.0085.035.0014.000.0300.1324108115 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515 
  TSE 2150M 15.0092.032.0016.000.0400.1404108398 1UF10 TT5525 TT5515