DIN69871-ODP : T-FLEXTEC threaded adaptation tools with DIN69871 form ADB taper shanks
IT_BALANCE_20000 RPM                                IT_BALANCE GRADE                                    IT_RUN-OUT A0.003                                   IT_TAPER SHANK GRADE                                IT_SURFACE HARDNESS 58~60HRC                        IT_N5                                              
  DIN69871 40 ODP 10X58 40M1018.0020.0058.0038.932.00M160.844651331 0
  DIN69871 40 ODP 10X98 40M1018.0028.0098.0078.974.00M161.004651332 0

If the B type option is required, the plug screw must be removed from the flange cooling hole (Use a 2mm hex key)