AWE 3..ML : Solid carbide end mills for aluminum machining with long waved cutting edges, unequal space of cutting edges & variable helix angles without vibration
EM FLUTES_3                                         EM HELIX ANGLE_50                                   EM WAVE                                            
  AWE 3060ML 6.0065. 1UF10 
  AWE 3060ML-R0.5 6.0065. 1UF10 
  AWE 3080ML 8.0075. 1UF10 
  AWE 3080ML-R0.5 8.0075. 1UF10 
  AWE 3100ML 10.0080.025.0010.000.0300.1004108493 1UF10 
  AWE 3100ML-R1.0 10.0080.025.0010.000.0300.1006137568 1UF10 
  AWE 3120ML 12.0095.030.0012.000.0300.1204108494 1UF10 
  AWE 3120ML-R1.0 12.0095.030.0012.000.0300.1206137569 1UF10 
  AWE 3140ML 14.00110.035.0014.000.0300.1204108495 1UF10 
  AWE 3160ML 16.00110.040.0016.000.0500.1404108411 1UF10 
  AWE 3180ML 18.00125.045.0018.000.0500.1504108496 1UF10 
  AWE 3200ML 20.00125.045.0020.000.0500.1504108497 1UF10