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SEH 6...T : 6 Flute solid carbide flat type end mills of medium length for finishing
 EM FLUTES_6                                        EM HELIX ANGLE_45
  DesignationTool sty DC OAL APMX DCONMS FHA Shank RMPX fz
  SEH 6030T SOLID TYPE ~3.0047.0010.006.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0100.0306~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~19.60~6113260 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6040T SOLID TYPE ~4.0047.0012.006.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0100.0506~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~18.80~6113261 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6050T SOLID TYPE ~5.0052.0015.006.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0200.0706~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~19.90~6113262 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6060T SOLID TYPE ~6.0052.0015.006.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0200.0706~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~19.50~6113263 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6070T SOLID TYPE ~7.0060.0018.008.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0300.0906~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~24.00~6113264 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6080T SOLID TYPE ~8.0060.0018.008.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0300.0906~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~24.00~6113265 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6090T SOLID TYPE ~9.0068.0022.0010.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0300.1006~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~28.00~6113266 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6100T SOLID TYPE ~10.0068.0022.0010.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0300.1006~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~28.00~6113267 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6120T SOLID TYPE ~12.0076.0026.0012.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0400.1106~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~31.00~6113268 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6140T SOLID TYPE ~14.0085.0032.0014.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0500.1306~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~40.00~6113269 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6160T SOLID TYPE ~16.0090.0032.0016.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0500.1306~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~42.00~6113270 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6180T SOLID TYPE ~18.00110.0038.0018.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0500.1306~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~62.00~6113271 1 TT5515 
  SEH 6200T SOLID TYPE ~20.00110.0038.0020.0045.0~C ~5.00~0.0500.1306~71E01A05D27A8 ~ZYL ~01 ~60.00~6113272 1 TT5515 

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