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DER 3...S : Solid Carbide Endmills for graphite machining
  DesignationTool sty DC RE OAL APMX DCONMS FHA Shank RMPX fz
  DER 3030S-3 SOLID TYPE ~3.000.1540.0012.003.0040.0~C ~5.00~0.0250.0503~ZYL ~01 ~25.00~6243836 1 TTD620 
  DER 3040S-4 SOLID TYPE ~4.000.2050.0014.004.0040.0~C ~5.00~0.0400.0603~ZYL ~01 ~30.00~6105509 1 TTD620 
  DER 3060S SOLID TYPE ~6.000.3065.0020.006.0040.0~C ~5.00~0.0600.0903~ZYL ~01 ~29.00~6243841 1 TTD620 
  DER 3080S SOLID TYPE ~8.000.5065.0020.008.0040.0~C ~5.00~0.0700.1003~ZYL ~01 ~29.00~6243847 1 TTD620 
  DER 3120S SOLID TYPE ~12.000.5075.0025.0012.0040.0~C ~5.00~0.1000.1503~ZYL ~01 ~37.00~4150659 1 TT6050 

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