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Grade : K10
Grade with good wear resistance for general machining of cast irons, aluminum & non-ferrous materials, and heat-resistant alloy

ISO Range - P/M/K(K05-K15)
ISO Range - H/S/N (S05-S15)(N05-N15)

Grade or Coating TypeUN-COATED
Coating Layers Uncoated
Grade ColorMETAL

Cutting Speed for: TDJ 4 K10 - 6000282
ISOWorkpiece Material GroupMaterial DesignationMaterial ConditionHardnessCutting Speed Recommendations (Vc)
K15Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/ferritic180 HB40-60 m/min
K16Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/martensiti260 HB40-60 m/min
K17Nodular cast iron (GGG)Ferritic160 HB40-60 m/min
K18Nodular cast iron (GGG)Pearlitic250 HB30-50 m/min
K19Malleable cast iron.Ferritic130 HB20-40 m/min
K20Malleable cast iron.Pearlitic230 HB20-40 m/min
N21Aluminum-wrought alloy.Not cureable60 HB100-300 m/min
N22Aluminum-wrought alloy.Cured100 HB100-300 m/min
N23Aluminum-cast, alloyed <12% Si.Not cureable75 HB100-300 m/min
N24Aluminum-cast, alloyed.Cured90 HB100-300 m/min
N25Aluminum-cast, alloyed >12% Si.High temperature130 HB80-200 m/min
N27Copper alloys.Brass90 HB80-150 m/min
N28Copper alloys.Electrolitic copper100 HB60-100 m/min
H38Hardened steel.Hardened55 HRC15-20 m/min
H39Hardened steel.Hardened60 HRC15-20 m/min
H40Chilled cast iron.Cast400 HB15-25 m/min
H41Cast iron.Hardened55 HRC15-25 m/min

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