Grade : TT2510
PVD AlTiN coated grade on sub-micron substrate with excellent wear resistance for milling of pre-hardened steels and hardened steels

ISO Range - P/M/K(P05-P25)
ISO Range - H/S/N (H05-H25)
Coating TypePVD
Coating LayerAlTiN

Cutting Speed for: PLNG 090408R-M TT2510 - 6126887
ISOMaterialMaterial DescriptionMaterial ConditionCutting Speed Recommendations
H38Hardened steel.Hardened :56070-180 m/min
H39Hardened steel.Hardened :65450-130 m/min
H40Chilled cast iron.Cast :40060-120 m/min
H41Cast iron.Hardened :56070-95 m/min