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Grade : TT9540
Special CVD grade for martensitic stainless steel and exotic materials in high speed milling (Good tool life in high cutting speed compared to TT3540 due to excellent wear resistance in stable machining conditions)

ISO Range - P/M/K(M25-M40)
ISO Range - H/S/N (S25-S40)

Grade or Coating TypeCVD
Coating Layers TiCN-Al2O3-TiCN
Grade ColorPURPLE

Cutting Speed for: 3PKT 150508R-ML TT9540 - 5630194
ISOWorkpiece Material GroupMaterial DesignationMaterial ConditionHardnessCutting Speed Recommendations (Vc)
M12Stainless steel and cast steel.Ferritic/martensitic200 HB130-240 m/min
M13Stainless steel and cast steel.Martensitic240 HB120-240 m/min
M14Stainless steel and cast steel.Austenitic180 HB100-200 m/min
S31High temp. alloys Fe based.Annealed200 HB40-70 m/min
S32High temp. alloys Fe based.Cured280 HB40-70 m/min
S33High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Annealed250 HB30-70 m/min
S34High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Cured350 HB30-55 m/min
S35High temp. alloys. Ni or Co based.Castr320 HB35-70 m/min
S36Titanium Ti alloys.310 HB70-120 m/min
S37Titanium Ti alloys.Alpha+beta alloys cu310 HB40-75 m/min

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