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Family Designation: ER TAP ER tap collets of JIS type       
Item Designation: ER TAP 20-M12
ER20 8.5020.006.50C ~726F59BDC3B08 ~11.50~4655238 0
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4655238 3<a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=GTC&dxfFolder=0&stpFolder=0&stplFolder=0&p21=4655238&cat=4655238&itemDesc=ER TAP 20-M12"><img src="./media/icons/icon_Package.svg" title="GTC" width="27px" border="0"></a>Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('2D','4655238', 'ER TAP 20-M12' , 'M');">2D Required</a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=P&cat=4655238&itemDesc=ER TAP 20-M12"><img src="./media/icons/icon_p21.svg" title="P21" width="27px" border="0"></a>
Items Per Package : 1
Tap specification is based on JIS (DIN or ISO standard prepared by special quotation)
3D Representation
2D Representation
Not Available 2D Required

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