The Founders

The Founders



Stef Wertheimer
ISCAR Founder,
a visionary and
dynamic leader


Eitan Wertheimer
Former Chairman
of the Board,
IMC Group

In 1952, ISCAR was established in an old shack in Nahariya where Stef Wertheimer, the company’s founder, and his wife Miriam, his driving and encouraging force, set the groundwork for ISCAR’s success. Stef had the foresight and vision to challenge an established industry. This humble beginning, along with intense hard work and commitment to continued innovation, led ISCAR to become an industry leader. Growing from a 1950’s family business into one of the world’s top two full-line tooling companies, ISCAR has been experiencing ever increasing global sales through its operations in over 60 countries.
As of the ‘80s, Eitan Wertheimer continued his father’s vision and turned the company into a leading global player. The expanding company relocated to the Tefen Industrial Region situated in the Western Galilee, Israel.
By then, innovation was becoming a habit for Stef and Eitan Wertheimer and a tradition at all levels within the company.

Based on ISCAR’s growing reputation for original trend-setting products, the company expanded into the European, Far Eastern and Western Hemisphere markets. ISCAR responded to the globalization trend by establishing factories, distribution centers and sales and services offices throughout the industrialized world. As a result, today, ISCAR tools can be delivered anywhere around the globe within hours.

ISCAR is the leading brand and the largest of the 13 companies comprising the IMC Group (International Metalworking Companies).
Following the acquisition of the Group by Berkshire Hathaway in 2006, Eitan Wertheimer, former chairman of the IMC Group stated; “Being associated with one of the strongest investment groups in the world assures a very strong backbone for ISCAR and the IMC Group. This enables the Group to continue innovating, expanding and partnering more closely with customers.”

Since ISCAR’s humble establishment in 1952, the company has developed to its current position in the IMC Group, which now includes over 130 subsidiaries in over 60 countries. This remarkable accomplishment is deeply rooted in the vision of industrialist Stef Wertheimer and son, Eitan Wertheimer.

ISCAR’s first production plant in Nahariya, Israel 1952
ISCAR expanded its production facilities in Nahariya, Israel 1962
ISCAR continues to expand its facilities, Israel 1970
ISCAR moved its production plants to Tefen, Israel 1982
ISCAR’s new Headquarters in Tefen, Israel 2000