Special Tools with Unique Profiles and
Tolerances, Standard Solid Carbide and HSS Tools,
PVD Coatings and Regrinding Services

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Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 30
25030 Roncadelle Brescia(BS), Italy
Tel: +39 03027821 Fax: +39 0302782099
Call Center: +39 03027822
E-mail: info@uop.it
Website: www.uop.it
UOP_ToolsPicUOP manufactures state of the art solid carbide & HSS CNC machine tools for automated control systems and sophisticated robotic technologies. In addition, UOP specializes in the production of tools with unique profiles and geometries guaranteeing absolute machining accuracy.

With over 30 years of experience and technical know-how, UOP delivers reliable support during the design and post-manufacturing activities on customer premises. Another area of expertise is UOP’s custom PVD coatings and regrinding services to restore the tools to optimum performance levels. UOP supplies a wide range of over 10,000 tools in powder steel, HSS-E and solid carbide, as well as tools for high-speed cutting (HSC).