Complete Range of BTA System Type
Deep Hole Indexable or Brazed Drills

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Kurume Fukuoka 839-0801 Japan
Tel: +81-942-33-4159 Fax: +81-942-27-9940
E-mail: j-sales@unitac.co.jp
Website: www.unitacinc.com

UNITEC_ToolsPicUNITAC provides a complete range of brazed and indexable single and double tube deep hole drilling tools, delivering drill heads and accessories of the finest workmanship in the industry at an extremely attractive price. UNITAC tools are completely interchangeable with standard tooling, by simply attaching the drill head to an existing boring bar.

The company’s engineers have been researching and designing deep hole drilling tools for over 25 years. Sales engineers and technicians are available at all times to consult with customers.